Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gandhi's ten principles of nonviolence

I found them in the home page of Dean Foster (There many more interesting things in it).

  1. Humiliating or deliberately provoking your opponent invites violence;
  2. Knowing your facts and arguments well helps avoid violence;
  3. If you are open about your cause your opponent is less likely to be violent;
  4. Look for common ground between you and your opponents to promote trust and understanding;
  5. Do not judge others harder than yourself (alternatively do not judge others);
  6. Try to trust your opponent. They will sense this trust;
  7. Compromise on inessential items to promote resolution;
  8. Sincerity helps convert your opponent;
  9. By making personal sacrifice you show your sincerity;
  10. Avoid exploiting weakness in your opponent. Aim for integrity, not simply to win.

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