Monday, June 02, 2008

Texas sect children return home

The triumph of logic (and justice).

More than 400 children who were seized from a polygamist sect in Texas have begun returning home.
A judge in Texas signed an order allowing parents to take the children, who were removed from the sect's ranch by state authorities in April.
Officials had accused members of the sect of forcing young girls into under-age sex.But last week the Texas Supreme Court said officials had failed to prove the children faced immediate danger.
Following Monday's ruling the first parents had emotional reunions with their children, the Associated Press news agency reported."It's just a great day," said Nancy Dockstader, as she embraced one of five children taken by authorities.
On Monday, 129 children were returned to their parents, AP reported.
It was expected to take several days for all the families to be reunited, as some siblings were separated at facilities hundreds of miles apart.

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