Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The first round of voting in Greece for President of the Republic

A summary of my views after yesterday's vote in Parliament (160 voter in favour of the candidate that the government put forward, 135 against, 5 did not show up. 200 are needed in the second round and 180 in the third round (December 29).

1. The government got fewer votes than (they) expected (they expected about 165). This has generated a feeling of disappointment among its supporters.
2. It looks harder now for the government to find the extra 20 votes needed in the third round for a President to be elected.
3. There are some signs this morning of a disagreement between Samaras and Venizelos  as to what to do next (Ven appears to favour some kind of a compromise with the opposition).
4. I don't think that the opposition is willing to accept anything short of an immediate general election.
5. The chance of an early general election looks higher this morning than yesterday.
5. I am not sure that any one really knows what to do AFTER.
6. The EU and the creditors are also puzzled.
My opinion is that Greece is in a mess (within the wider mess of the EU).

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