Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards 'quits' White House race?

According to the BBC web site, John Edwards is exiting the race for the White House after failing to win any of the four party nomination contests held so far, officials say.
Members of his team said the former North Carolina senator had decided not to continue to Super Tuesday next week. He lost Iowa's caucuses, came third in New Hampshire, admitted getting his "butt kicked" in Nevada and came third in his native South Carolina. The two-time candidate reportedly plans to make a statement soon.
It is not yet clear if the 54 year-old will endorse either of the two current Democratic front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
His spokeswoman Colleen Murray told AFP news agency that Mr Edwards would publicly announce the end to his White House bid in New Orleans, where he formally launched his campaign in 2006. Mr Edwards's campaign website said he was scheduled to make a speech on poverty at a community project in the flood-ravaged Louisiana city on Wednesday 1300 local time (1900 GMT).

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