Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Florida primaries and the polls

The GOP results (99% reported): McCain 36% (693,425), Romney 31% (598,152), Giuliani 15%,(281,755), Huckabee 13% (259,703), Paul 3% (62,060), Thompson 1% (22,287).
Giuliani is expected to drop out of the race today and to endorse McCain.
It looks as though all the polls underestimated the votes of the winner (most of them outside the margin of error they themfelfs reported). The latest polls:

For the Democrats: Clinton 50% (856,944), Obama 33%, (568,930), Edwards 14% (248,545). The polls here got it right (more or less).

There were 1,925,728 voters who participated in the republican primary as opposed to 1,724,825 for the democrats. Although there are no deligates for the democrats, and there was a campaign boycott by all the Democratic candidates, this was the largest turnout for decades for the democrats. And this may be a good indication as to what is going to happen in November.

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