Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The 2008 California Democratic Primary

Sen. Hillary Clinton is the projected Democratic Party winner in California.
The turnout in California was so heavy that in at least one county, Alameda, several precincts remained open after the scheduled close of 8 p.m. because of long lines and shortages of ballots.
But even with Clinton apparently taking the state, it's not clear how many delegates she might receive. Election Day ballots are expected to be tallied late into the night and Wednesday morning, while the allotment of delegates may take days more.
Voter interest in the primary was at a historic high, according to a Field Poll released this morning, and the large number of voters, many of whom are using slower-to-count paper ballots - because California's Secretary of State required many counties to abandon what were regarded as unreliable electronic machines - could delay results for days or even weeks.
Los Angeles, the state's most populous county, said they may not have precinct ballots counted until 4 a.m. Wednesday, and many absentee voters - about 2 million - are expected to drop off their ballots at polling stations today, further delaying the count.


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