Monday, February 04, 2008

How California Delegates Are Selected for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

California will send the largest delegation--441 delegates and 62 alternates to the convention-- split as evenly as possible between men and women.
241 of California’s 441 delegates are elected based on the share of the vote the candidates for President receive in the 53 Congressional Districts. Only 81 delegates are elected “at-large” and go to the winner of the statewide vote.
The remaining 119 delegates are selected (not elected). These include 66 “super delegates” (Members of Congress, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Members, and a former DNC Chair). Also 48 Pledged Party Leaders / Elected Officials (PLEOs) committed to candidates who receive at least 15% of the statewide vote and apportioned by their share of the vote. Another 5 are also appointed who are “unpledged” to any candidate. There will be 3 to 7 delegates allocated in each of California’s 53 Congressional Districts (CDs).
In addition, 40 CDs will each get 1 Alternate. Delegates are allocated to each Presidential candidate who receives 15% or more of the vote in any CD on February 5, 2008.
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