Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wisconsin Primary: the latest polls and the result

Update (Feb. 20, 08): (with 95% reporting): Obama 58%, Clinton 41%.
Update (Feb. 19, 08): Obama's internal projections last week had him winning 53% to 46%, and in Hawaii 52% to 47%.
Update (Feb. 18, 08):A poll released today from Public Polling Policy gives Obama a 13-point lead over Hillary in tomorrow's primary. Obama leads 49%-45% among core Democrats, and does better than 2-1 against Hillary Clinton among independents and Republicans likely to vote in the Dem primary. Also, American Research Group, which had Clinton ahead in Wisconsin earlier this week, now givesObama a 10-point lead, 52-42. (more...)
Update (Feb. 16, 08): Research 2000 (02/13-02/14). Obama 47%, Clinton 42%
Update (Feb. 15, 08): Rasmussen (02/13-02/13). Obama 47%, Clinton 43%
Strategic Vision: (02/08-02/10) Obama 45%, Clinton 41%,
Univ. of WI: (11/27-12/05) Obama 26%, Clinton39%
(Feb. 19, 92 delegates at stake)

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